I admit it. I've been MIA! but, I'll tell you one thing - Otis the Destroyer has been absolutely killing it lately. Topped off with their KUTX Studio 1A performance today! How freaking rad was that? So, you've come here and want to know when you can catch Otis? I'll tell you. 

This weekend at the Mohawk. It's guaranteed to be a great show because The Mohawk is AMAZING. It's inside so do get there a bit early as it tends to get crowded.  Here's a cool graphic I took from their page. 
I do have some bad news. It's with heavy hearts that we at Ronjo have to announce the departure of the always great MODRAG. After some deliberation we've decided that it was best to go our separate ways. With that being said.. 

We'll always be a fan. Good luck with everything from here on out! We're rootin' for ya. 

That about wraps it up for tonight. I'll be checking in more often with news, updates, videos. etc. 

Appreciate y'all, 



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