I admit it. I've been MIA! but, I'll tell you one thing - Otis the Destroyer has been absolutely killing it lately. Topped off with their KUTX Studio 1A performance today! How freaking rad was that? So, you've come here and want to know when you can catch Otis? I'll tell you. 

This weekend at the Mohawk. It's guaranteed to be a great show because The Mohawk is AMAZING. It's inside so do get there a bit early as it tends to get crowded.  Here's a cool graphic I took from their page. 
I do have some bad news. It's with heavy hearts that we at Ronjo have to announce the departure of the always great MODRAG. After some deliberation we've decided that it was best to go our separate ways. With that being said.. 

We'll always be a fan. Good luck with everything from here on out! We're rootin' for ya. 

That about wraps it up for tonight. I'll be checking in more often with news, updates, videos. etc. 

Appreciate y'all, 

Holy cow. 

I can't believe it's already here. It seems just like yesterday we were stumbling off onto this great adventure and now we're here. What a blur it's been! We're mad excited to have been apart of it with Otis the Destroyer, some of the hardest working guys I've met, and without a doubt some of the best musicians to grace Austin. With that being said we're super excited to say that the EP ' The Dark Arts' is now out on bandcamp and following shortly on iTunes, Spotify, Pandora.. etc.

Oh, but you want a physical copy? Well, we've got quite the treat for you! If you come to the show tonight, you'll be able to grab a limited edition "Pink Girls" copy of the new EP. We've only got 100 so, you better get there fast before they're all gone! They were totally hand-made and we think that's cool as hell. 

A big thank you to everyone who worked hard to make this possible, to all the fans (Own it 261!) that support Ronjo, Otis the Destroyer, and MODRAG. We wouldn't be around without y'all! We hope this is the first of many releases and we're glad you've stuck around. Hope to see you all tonight! 

- J

Woah, woah.. I can't believe it's already here! Sunday's from now on will be the day of the Otis.. Of course they'll be playing every show with real rad bands, so make it out to see some amazing music! 

Super quick post today but I heard it's Nick's birthday.. Big guy is 17! HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICK! Buy him a soda or something tonight. 

I dream of eps


May can't come fast enough because we can't wait to release these EPs. It's going to be way fuckin' cool.  We're working on a little something special for the first.. I don't know, let's say 50 pre-orders.. but hey, that's how rumours start. 

Stay tuned!

- J

Be sure to pre-order by clicking here
It has been truly an amazing week of SXSW over here at Ronjo HQ and we're really proud of both MODRAG and Otis the Destroyer for killing it this week and being absolutely badass! We also put out two (count 'em 2) SXSW EPs for each band and I have to say, they're pretty stellar. We're always looking forward and are extremely excited for what the future holds. It's only the beginning and we really appreciate all the love and support we've gotten so far! As for now it's time to recharge and recover from SXSW but expect more updates coming in the week. 

- J

It's already shaping up to be a good week here at Ronjo HQ! As the title suggests, we've set up a Bandcamp where you can keep up with our releases as well as the releases of our artists: MODRAG, and Otis the Destroyer! 
It's a work in progress but we promise to keep working at it and to always bring you the best we have to offer. We're super excited so stay tuned for some good news later this week, and as always you can keep up with us on Facebook and Twitter. There may or may not be a release for SXSW.. You didn't hear it from me though..

Check it out here

- J

it's  official


 Modrag and Otis the Destroyer signs with Ronjo Records, more to come!!